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Valhalla Creek by Sophie Treppendahl



oil on Arches Huile
18.25 x 25.5 inches

"I moved to Charleston in 2013 to study art and business at College of Charleston. My primary focus became oil painting and mono-printing. After school, I started working at Garden & Gun Magazine, doing design and photography, all the while painting on the side. After two and a half wonderful years, I’ve decided I want to put art back in the center of my focus. My goal is to return to school for my MFA. In the meantime, I am taking a personal sabbatical: retuning to Louisiana to pour all my energy into my work. I’ll be outfitting a room in the tractor barn to be my studio. Having recently acquiring a hand-me-down kiln, I am looking forward to experimenting with pottery and sculpture along with oil painting and drawing during this period." - Sophie Treppendahl

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