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Leg Wrestle by Sophie Treppendahl


Monotype and serigraph
13 x 19 inches (h x w)
Varied edition of 4

"I initially approached the show theme with a completely different edition of prints about parades and protests. However, once the work was completed, it felt lacking and unengaged. I then created these prints instead — less literal to the theme but to me better embodied this moment in time.  Inspired by scenes of a school gym class, the chaotic fragments of bodies are both disorienting and humorous. “Scissor Kicks” was originally created with the legs in the air, but when inverting the image I loved the further element of confusion and even the sense of levitation. Few things make sense at this moment, this work remarks on that confusion while adding a dash of color and optimism."

Sophie Treppendahl believes that life is full of enchantment. (Quite a statement in these days). Not always, but occasionally, in those unexpected moments when the ordinary of life seem to glimmer with vibrancy and ephemeral perfection. Her work seeks to investigate and question these moments. Her work is amalgamation of moments, experienced and found and created, explored and dissected through the material of paint. In a moment when the world feels full of fear and nonsense — each of these pieces are chaotic yet lighthearted, tangled yet simplified. 

Sophie is from Saint Francisville, Louisiana. She received her BA from College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. She is currently an MFA Candidate at Suny Purchase.