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Donald Trump I-V by Ewa Budka



Lithography from wood Budkalito & Monotype print on japanese paper
24 x 18 inches (h x w)
Varied edition of 5

*Images show variation in color and detail per print.

"I felt like this is a perfect time for making my political statement using my art. I am a Polish Immigrant artist living in New York City. 
Poland was erased from a map twice. The multiple Wars wanted to kill not only us but also our culture. Our history and identity was in a danger for many years. But even without borders on a map, we succeeded to create strong and powerful art. The Polish School of Poster movement is one of the examples of weapon, which artists choose to fight with their reality. The Polish School of Poster combined the aesthetics of painting and printing. It developed characteristic painterly gesture, linear quality, vibrant colors, a sense of individual personality, fantasy and most importantly undercover political meanings. It was a way Polish artists were fighting with the authorities. They tricked them with colorful pictures that seemed as nothing dangerous. Here in the “99 problems” show, inspired by that I tried to create a certain Poster aesthetic tension between the images printed by Monotype and wood lithography. I play with printed hand lettered slogans, inventing my own metaphor as hybrid of words and images."

Ewa Budka is a Master printmaker who graduated with Rector’s honors in May 2013 from the Department of Graphic Art and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland where she studied printmaking and graphic design. Her work has been shown in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Poland (Warsaw, Katowice, Gdańsk, Kraków) and abroad, including New York, Paris, London, Milwaukee, San Francisco, St. Louis and Tokyo.
For over three years Budka has been exploring a rarely practiced Japanese printmaking technique called Mokulito (lithography on the wood).

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