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Cave by Christine Bush Roman



Inkjet transfer, relief monoprint
18 x 24 inches

“The prints for 99 Problems are in essence about motherhood and the history of the women in my family. I am from a long line of women who have struggled with disorders such as depression and anxiety. Now that I have two daughters I often reflect on how my issues, and the history of our family, may be shaping their personalities and behaviors. One of my daughters was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and she is wildly artistic. Witnessing her think and create in a unique way is causing a shift in how I think about the brain. I have been considering how these disorders affect the parent-child relationship, and how to approach parenting when you know some issues can be hereditary. These works reflect my reconsideration of mental illness and brain differences within the context of motherhood.”

Christine Bush Roman received her MFA from the University of Georgia in 2013. As an interdisciplinary artist, she works primarily in mixed media drawing and painting, but also creates prints, sculpture and installation. Roman’s work has been included in more than 30 exhibitions and she has been featured in Studio Visit Magazine.

Roman currently lives and works out of her home studio on John’s Island, just outside of downtown Charleston. Roman prefers to work very large scale, but has been experimenting with smaller works recently. Most of her work is mixed media, so Roman’s studio is a disheveled abundance of paints, applicators, plastics, fabrics, and found objects. Making time to work in her studio everyday, Roman always labors over several pieces at once.

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